With over 15 years of experience in the field of IT Service Management, IT Governance and Project Management, in highly regulated financial environments, 3Lancea can help you in getting your IT Optimization right.

We offer the following services:


3Lancea offers consultancy in the field of IT Service Management processes and frameworks. Whether it be ITIL®, CobiT®, BiSL® or ISO/IEC 20000.

Process Design, Implementation & Improvement

We support you with your design challenges. Need a new process designed and implemented or a current process updated? We are here to support you also when it comes to the training of people in your organisation.

Process Documentation

We support you with your documentation challenges. Need a new process documentation drafted or a current process  documentation updated? We are here to support you.

Business Analysis

We support you with Business analyses to enable change in your organisation. For our Business Analyses activities we follow the standards (BABOK) of the IIBA.


Project Management

We provide Project Management expertise. Having a project waiting to be initiated and executed? 3lancea can support your organisation. We apply Project Management standards like Prince 2® and PMBOK® and also support agile approache of projects.

Diagnostics - As a certified partner of Info~Tech Research Group we can offer you a number of diagnostic programs to help you address a whole range of IT related challenges. The Data-Driven Diagnostic process measures IT performance objectively and drives systematic IT improvement.

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IT diagnostic programs available!

As a certified partner of  Info~Tech Research Group 3lancea can offer a range of diagnostic programs.


The Info~Tech Research Group diagnostics supports your organisation getting insight in the issues that really matters to you and  the diagnostics help you in making informed decisions.

The set-up of the diagnostics is easy and not time consuming. It will take you an average of 20 -30 minutes  to answer a questionnaire. Your results are benchmarked  against over 35,000 organisations and the results will give you the right level of insight to identify your main areas for improvement and formulate an action plan to address your challenges.


Of the available diagnostics my advice is to start with the IT Management & Governance diagnostics. This diagnostics - based on the Cobit™ framework - allows you to collect the necessary data to start your process improvement journey.

Based on the diagnostics' outcome, 3Lancea can help you formulate your process improvement plan and support you with the implementation of this plan.  Have a look on our IT Management & Governance Diagnostics pagef or more background information.



To enable successful service delivery we stand for:

Creativity - Thinking outside the box when necessary. We like to look beyond the obvious when the situation requires.

Flexibility - No 9 to 5 mentality. Although we strive to balance work and private life, this does not withhold us to have the flexibility to deliver when necessary.

Integrity - Reliable & trustworthy. We conduct our projects in such a way that we hold ourselves to consistent standards. What we agree we follow up on.

Dedication - Going for the full 100% and beyond. We are committed to the project we execute and where necessary we go further, overcoming the obstacles we find on our way.

Quality - High quality delivery & continuous improvement. We make use of Industry standards and Frameworks to create a solid basis for your processes.   

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