Small Enterprise IT Management and Governance Diagnostic

To better support the needs of smaller organisations, Info-Tech Research Group made available an IT Management and Governance diagnostic tailored for small enterprises. As a certified partner 3Lancea can offer you this Diagnostic and support you with the follow-up steps.

This Small Enterprise IT Management and Governance Diagnostic focus on 18 core processes that matter most for Small Enterprises.

These 18 core processes cover the areas of IT strategy and Governance, IT Operations, People and Resources, Infrastructure Management, Security and Risk Management and Application Management.

The Diagnostic will give you valuable data on the 18 processes, that will help you to improve there where necessary. Based on the outcome of the Diagnostic, we will guide you through the following four steps:

  1. Understand your current IT Landscape.
  2. Determine the most critical IT Processes.
  3. Create your Process Improvement Roadmap.
  4. Drive successful Roadmap implementation.

If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us via the 3Lancea website   (This link will bring you to our contact form).

We can explain in more detail the set-up of the diagnostics, the pricing and the time involved. At 3lancea we are fully equipped to work remote, therefore any follow-up contact can go via phone and/or web conference. This we consider important, especially in these challenging times.


Martijn Kreek

Founder of 3lancea


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