Intro to Diagnostics

As a certified partner of  Info~Tech Research Group,  we can offer a number of Diagnostics. These programs consist of consise questionnaires and support you to get insight and control over your IT related challenges.


Via the diagnostic programs we collect data from you and your stakeholders. Using powerful analytic engines, we build reports that help your IT department make critical decisions.


All of the Diagnostics are designed to align business and IT goals and to systematically improve satisfaction with the IT department.


With over 35,000 organizations to benchmark against, the diagnostics are able to measure you against companies within your industry and market size.


7 Steps to a successful IT organisation:


IT Management & Governance Diagnostic

CIO Business Vision









CEO-CIO Alignment Program

Other Diagnostics that are available:

  • IT Staffing Assessment
  • End User feedback
  • IT Security
  • PMO Assessment
  • Application Feedback
  • Data Quality
  • Reporting & Analytics

The diagnostic programs support your organisation in building a Data-Driven IT Strategy. It allows a clear articulation of your IT strategy that aligns with business objectives, by asking business and IT stakeholders the right questions to ensure you have the inputs necessary to build an effective IT strategy.